CRE Finish & Restoration

G&P Construction is a one-stop turn-key solution for any operational challenge your business faces.
We handle any size project anywhere in the country with exceptional quality and service.

Cut through the delays and confusion everywhere in the modern economy and deal with the experts directly for guaranteed success.

Our most primary activities at G&P involve the turnaround, transition, restoration, repurpose, or any other professional mutation of large, signification commercial real estate properties. We restore warehouses, manufacturing, and massive high-volume legacy distribution and e-commerce facilities to blank white box opportunities for stakeholders and future tenants. Whether is to meet new or prospective tenant specifications and needs, updating facilities to various municipal or workplace regulations, or standard maintenance for the renewal of standard wear and tear on high value space, we let customers and tenants focus on planning operations and property owners focus on maximizing occupancy and property value.


Our teams have tons of expertise with these of industrial property transitions and handle permitting and engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), heating and cooling, concrete and flooring, real property and fixtures, and aesthetics like LED lighting and commercial indoor and outdoor painting. We are the industry's only one-stop, turn-key solution for complete CRE transformation, working safely and with maximum efficiency that leaves our clients with better ROI and full satisfaction.

We take pride in our best in the industry personal service.
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