High Quality, Low Impact.

We aim to provide the highest quality of service in value, safety, and impact.


Our business is directly related sustainability. Throughout our operations, our most basic objective is often the full use, reuse, resale, salvage, and recycling of materials and equipment. Our team helps send less trash to land fills in their day to day efforts. This concept is mutually beneficial for everyone involved in our work.

For businesses opening doors or new facilities, we look to provide cost-effective solutions which can include the repurpose of materials from other state-of-the-art facilities we've decommissioned, or used equipment which we have acquired. Even the entire facility the business is moving into could very well be a property we have transformed from old to new for use again. For businesses closing doors or facilities, we help liquidate assets and find new use for materials and equipment across the country. G&P helps companies meet all their highest requirements, from permitting to environmental impact goals. Our team designs and builds for the future with our clients, providing trust and experiencing along the way.

As an organization operating nationwide, we employ hundreds, even thousands of workers every year with a wide diversity of of skills, industry experience, and backgrounds. Our networks and relationship building has also through the years opened opportunities for employees from one organization to another that we do business with. This is because our operations help facilitate a smooth movement of the market in it's most basic sense. Where one door closes, there is always another that is opening. We are always looking for these doors and exposing them to our customers and in every corner of the market for everyone's benefit.

Most importantly, we are committed fully to the quality of life and opportunities for all our highly valued employees. We operate always as a unified team with unified goals, with always mutual incentives for all our people that we couldn't do our work without. We look forward to working with you and your business and seeing how we can open up opportunities together.