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A Million Square Feet at a Time

G&P Construction is the leading all-inclusive provider of turn-key material handling solutions within the logistics and commercial real estate industries. We specialize in tailoring unique solutions to meet your needs and accomplish your goals. Our services range from engineering and installation of new material handling systems to full warehouse decommissions and comprehensive CRE solutions. Whether you are rapidly expanding or reworking your current logistics center, G&P Construction has the expertise and experience to provide a turn-key experience that is fast, efficient, and cost effective. As a commercial property consulting firm specializing in large spaces, our services increase value for all parties involved. Our goal is to solve complicated challenges between ops managers, landlords/owners, and tenant’s past, present, and future. Keeping business moving delivers value in time and cost savings, and mitigates risk for challenging, mission specific objectives. G&P will connect the dots, bridging the gaps in vision and perspectives on large transactions, providing a clear path forward saving time and money along the way
Property Owners
Bankrupt tenants leave you high and dry? Working on a sale leaseback involving material handling equipment? Looking to optimize your space and exposure? Need everything White Boxed and cleaned out?

Landlords see increased property value, marketability, and a wider range of customer opportunity. We can minimize vacancy time with well fitting clients.

Planning a new distribution center? Growing? Shuttering operations? Looking to sublease a large DC? Need to optimize your existing location?

Tenants benefit from shorter timelines, cost savings, and priceless insight and experience to streamline operations and maximize square footage ROI.

Commercial Realtors
Looking to differentiate yourself and add value? Want to monetize your connections and expertise? Minimize construction time off market?

Realtors can provide superior opportunities for CRE investors, stay ahead of industry trends, and minimize property time off market.