Our Mission

G&P Construction LLC is a commercial consulting organization specializing in large-scale commercial property management and maintenance. The company operates in several areas of work including layout, design, engineering and permitting, installation and construction, liquidation and business wind-down, remodel and complete property transformation, and various MHE sales and services including heavy equipment sales, freight and logistics, project management, inspections and safety, and more. We work with a huge network of the high quality partners across the nation to create tailored services for any size business in need. We provide high value and return with our consolidated, quality, and personal turn-key solutions unique and unfound anywhere else in the industry.

Industrial Asset Management

G&P Construction makes it possible, even easy for business owners, ops and project managers, and landlords and property investors to move through critical enterprise transitions with minimal economic impact for all parties. Wherever there is valued industrial space to transform and complicated tangible assets to be moved, sold, repurposed, even discarded, we can step in, cut through the complexities, and get quickly and correctly to project completion. If you have a large warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing challenge, call us and we will create a custom end to end solution that meets your objectives. We can disassemble, move and liquidate, then design, build and install all over again for whatever comes next. Our professional team transitions millions of square feet every year, beating deadlines and budgets with precision results. But don't take our word for it, visit our portfolio and see the work we've done for some of the largest operations in the country. Tell us how we can help you achieve your next seemingly impossible goal.


G&P Construction began nearly 30 years ago as a wholesaler and installer of industrial storage systems.  After over multiple decades as regional distributors of large pallet racking manufactures, and building systems across dozens of industries and hundreds applications, we began the evolution into the most full service, turn-key industrial consulting firm for all things material handling, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, commercial real-estate management. Over the years we've gain priceless experience assisting tenants moving in and out of large-scale operations. We've found success filling the created by a modern fragmented, impersonal, slower every year service economy. Listening to and putting customers first, our experts deliver exceptional value and satisfaction to our clients across the nation.


Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, we have three distribution centers regionally across the USA offering on-demand delivery of pallet racking, new and used, as well as a wide catalog of material handling equipment. Along with valuable expertise, We have through the years built a massive network of high quality partners. We have hundreds of larges customers building, buying, and selling materials and assets regularly, as well as the best contractors, suppliers, and investors we work with day to day to accomplish our monumental projects. This network covers every phase of the business cycle which has resulted in our seemingly endless capabilities. Servicing business from start to finish has given us unique experience with property transition, and construction for owners who need to quickly attach a new tenant to their property. As full-service commercial construction company, we can take a finished space and restore it to a “white box” minimally furnished interior for the next occupant to envision their warehouse. We understand that turning commercial spaces around quickly is important, so we work efficiently without compromising on quality. On the quick turn around, we also provide multi-option full build-outs based on tenants' needs.


We offer a very wide array of services to accommodate large-scale business projects, mostly involving commercial real-estate. We specialize in the sale & liquidation, layout & design, and installation & teardown of enterprise level distribution systems, mass storage facilities, and industrial operations. Our services provide critical solutions to complicated projects and business ventures. Our more prominent offerings include 'White Box' solutions, asset and facility decommission, and servicing commercial spaces hundreds of thousands of square feet or much more. We also buy and sell new & used MHE products, including pallet rack, heavy equipment, and automation systems. We are wholesale distributors for all the major manufacturers of pallet rack and storage solutions. G&P handles projects from start to finish encompassing various value-add tasks such as engineering and CAD, permitting, project planning and management, and much more.


Our business is directly related sustainability. Throughout our operations, our most basic objective is often the full use, reuse, resale, salvage, and recycling of materials and equipment. Our team helps send less trash to land fills in their day to day efforts. This concept is mutually beneficial for everyone involved in our work.

For businesses opening doors or new facilities, we look to provide cost-effective solutions which can include the repurpose of materials from other state-of-the-art facilities we've decommissioned, or used equipment which we have acquired. Even the entire facility the business is moving into could very well be a property we have transformed from old to new for use again. For businesses closing doors or facilities, we help liquidate assets and find new use for materials and equipment across the country. G&P helps companies meet all their highest requirements, from permitting to environmental impact goals. Our team designs and builds for the future with our clients, providing trust and experiencing along the way.

As an organization operating nationwide, we employ hundreds, even thousands of workers every year with a wide diversity of of skills, industry experience, and backgrounds. Our networks and relationship building has also through the years opened opportunities for employees from one organization to another that we do business with. This is because our operations help facilitate a smooth movement of the market in it's most basic sense. Where one door closes, there is always another that is opening. We are always looking for these doors and exposing them to our customers and in every corner of the market for everyone's benefit.

Most importantly, we are committed fully to the quality of life and opportunities for all our highly valued employees. We operate always as a unified team with unified goals, with always mutual incentives for all our people that we couldn't do our work without. We look forward to working with you and your business and seeing how we can open up opportunities together.