Pick Modules & Racking

Professional large-scale storage and distribution systems. Pallet rack, flow systems, pick modules, mezzanines, cantilever, and more. Rapid design, layout, and assembly to exact specifications. Years of experience will yield your business effective operations, optimized product flows, and maximum efficiency.

Storage systems like pallet racking and large pick modules play a vital role in optimizing warehouse and distribution center operations. Pallet racking provides efficient storage for palletized goods, while large pick modules are multi-level structures designed for order picking and fulfillment processes. We specialize in these systems and offer services encompassing their design, installation, and maintenance. G&P will assess your business storage needs, design custom layouts to maximize space utilization and operations flow, and then build the systems, ensuring they meet safety and load-bearing requirements. Modern warehouse and distribution systems are imperative for streamlining and staying competitive in the market with accurate order fulfillment processes and enhanced overall efficiency.

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