Storage Systems

G&P Construction is a one-stop turn-key solution for any operational challenge your business faces.
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G&P consultants offer unmatched expertise in liquidation and sale of assets like pallet racking and pick module systems. They will efficiently assess, buy and sell, and dispose of surplus or unused equipment. Working with experts offers far better return value than less personal services like auctions and scrap yards. Our unique and comprehensive turn-key approach to large, complicated transaction like facility liquidations can save customers millions. Integrating our expertise, superior offers, storage capacity, and our large network of partners, leaves clients with much less risk and much more reward. From assessing the condition and value of your equipment and systems, to formulating the best sales approach and facilitating the often lengthy project in minimal time. Project owners become heroes when we help make these massive and critical tasks task seem easy.

We take pride in our best in the industry personal service.
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