Furniture & Fixtures

G&P Construction is a one-stop turn-key solution for any operational challenge your business faces.
We handle any size project anywhere in the country with exceptional quality and service.

Cut through the delays and confusion everywhere in the modern economy and deal with the experts directly for guaranteed success.

When we speak of our unique "turn key" or "integrated" solutions, we are referring to our custom strategies for liquidation and decommission of commercial assets that let us provide more value to sellers as we buy in larger bulk and across many asset types, including often associated office furnishings, appliances, and equipment. Our offerings are beneficial for businesses looking to downsize, relocate, or upgrade their office spaces as well as for full business closure and wind down. G&P's lump sum offerings give sellers alternative to piece by piece liquidation that is often has far less visibility and far more volatility in value. Time is valuable and often items that have little to no potential for quick resale will have value in our assessments. Our handling of the logistics of removal and transportation helps avoid bottlenecks in time sensitive projects, and ensures environmentally responsible disposal of office assets.

We take pride in our best in the industry personal service.
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