Demolition & Tear-Down

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Along with installation and construction, we do millions of square feet of pallet rack and pick module tear downs, warehouse demolition, conveyor removal, and property and asset clearing all over the country throughout the year. We move entire facilities from one region to another in a matter of months. We have ample expertise taking down any size or complexity of storage systems out there for preservation and repurpose, liquidation, resale, and recycling. Our engineers make effective plans for systematic removal of facilities eliminating our customers from unwanted liabilities and risk. With proper safety protocols and training, licensures, and liability insurance for large property and job execution, we can step in where customers often wish to step aside.


G&P works closely with clients to get these difficult jobs completed on time and budget and meeting any extra needs or specifications along the way. Reach out to our team today to learn how we can help with your upcoming property transition.

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