Asset Appraisals

G&P Construction is a one-stop turn-key solution for any operational challenge your business faces.
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As experts in industrial and commercial liquidation, we can get your team out of the gate fast with a transparent view of your facilities, equipment, and their potential value and likely liquidity. Like any market sector or industry, assets  and their applications vary wildly and are driven by trends, technology, compatibility, use, and more. With a wide scope and experience with all these variables, G&P is positioned well to move your business to strong, rapid strategies for asset sale and liquidation, even renewal, trade ins, or upgrades. We liquidate thousands of assets from various settings and can help fill any possible shortcomings in awareness of the material handling industry help you be prepared for decisions. Even if we are not the right fit or the answer for every circumstance, we put relationships first and always enjoy starting a conversation about a challenging project.

We take pride in our best in the industry personal service.
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